Thank you quotes: how to build and when to use?

The first question we need to answer is what a thank-you phrase is. Read on to learn more!

In web content, the thank-you phrase is one of the many components of a perfect blog. This strategic item can be placed at the end of a material download, either at the time of registration or in the first email of a newsletter, but it is what allows your audience to understand how important it is to your blog.

Good thank-you phrases may be enough to convince those who consume your content that it was worth giving a vote of confidence to the blog in question and share your data with it.

And so it is part of a reciprocal relationship within Content Marketing, which establishes a sense of gratitude between the parties.

Learning how to make thank-you phrases is to understand the mechanisms that make your reader grateful for the content you have reached, and start a frank relationship with a brand’s blog, then become open to the offers you will receive and ideas you will enter into contact.

Want to master the art of making great thank-you phrases? Check out the tips we have prepared for you.

Write sincere thanks phrases

In order for her thank-you-notes to actually work she needs to sound sincere. So when writing this piece of your communication take some time to think how you want to convey the message. A simple “thank you” may sound enough, but leave your caller feeling vulnerable.

After all, he just shared at least some of his data with you. In general, thank-you phrases are the next step of a free download and that means at least the consumer’s email will already be in your hands.

Nothing is fairer than showing him how much that trust is appreciated with a more than special thanks.

Put aside your shyness and talk about how important it was for you to take that first step. Be brief and concise, but do not use the excuse of lack of space to be impolite. Use the imperative and make encouraging statements that are able to demonstrate how beneficial the reader will be to the relationship that has just begun there.

Finally, read and re-read your thank-you notes as many times as possible. It needs to make sense, it should not be overstated and it must be the cornerstone in developing a mutually beneficial exchange between the parties involved.

Contextualize the reason for your gratitude

In order for the reader to understand exactly why he or she is receiving a thank-you note when signing up for your newsletter or downloading, you need to explain what has just happened.

So a really good thank-you phrase has at least a recap of the exchange of information that happened there. Talk about how important it is to have the user’s contact information and to be able to share the most incredible news on the blog.

Or use the space to explain that such data will not be used for any unauthorized purpose. That is, the blog will not spam, sell your list of potential customers or hurt in any way the relationship is established.

Show that you are grateful for trust and that your interlocutor was able to take the first step. And make it clear how beneficial it would be for him to do it. Use an outline if you want to raise some of the main positive points at the end of your thank-you phrase.

This structure will make it simple to list the main benefits to the reader and make clear what will happen from there. If he is to receive additional contacts or information he does not understand yet that he requested from that trigger it is time to make this evident.

Demonstrate the importance of the action in question

What a thank-you phrase needs to do is expose the importance of the action performed. For this reason it has to have a structure that allows not only to recapitulate this action, but also to make it sound like a good idea.

Simply letting the reader know that he or she has subscribed to your newsletter or just received a download link by email may be good enough.

However, using the thank-you phrase as an opportunity to mention other things that may be of interest to you, such as related materials or advantages that are within your reach makes the action seem more relevant to you and precedes a good relationship with the user.

Use the language closest to your possible reader

Like all other pieces of content that are part of your blog it is important to look at the language of thank-you phrases. It can not be too formal if all the rest of the material is written with a tone of familiarity between the parties. Nor should it be extremely casual if it is part of the precedent of a B2B relationship.

Thank you phrases should resemble all other verbal and non-verbal communication items on a page. Concentrating on this will help you make your thanks look more genuine and not an automatic message that took no more than two seconds of your time.

A good idea is to customize the thank-you phrase, including the user name as requested on the form. This helps to make it more personalized and can make it truer to the eyes of the reader.

Add extra information that did not fit in the previous steps

Still have not had the opportunity to inform your reader what happens from the moment he agrees with an offer? Take the thank you page to do this. Structure in a few easy steps what the steps will be from now on and show what kind of communication he can expect to receive from your brand.

So, when your emails arrive in the future, they will know exactly what they contain, and you can quickly determine that you have shown interest in receiving those pieces. Advertising how the relationship starts from the thank-you phrase can increase the chances of your messages being opened in the future and qualify leads so that they actually convert.

Now that you know how to build thank you phrases is one step closer to creating the ideal website for a strategy. Keep learning with the eBook The definitive guide to perfect text and understand how the content you create influences the results!